Breaching--Sign of courtship; Removal of barnacles or communication.
 This thrilling behavior happens with just a few strokes of their flukes, 
they leap out of the water lifting their 30 ton, 45 foot bodies int the air, 
crashing down with a thunderous splash.              
Tail slapping is a powerful action used in aggressive encounters. As they lift their fluke high out of the water, they slap the surface of the water with a loud crack that we can here for a mile.
Harmless WHALESHARKS are often seen in winter.
Don't miss this awesome show of majestic Humpback Whales this year. We have a hydraphone to listen to the love songs they sing. Sightings are guarenteed durning Winter months.
Breaching is a thrilling behavior to observe. With just a few strokes of their fluke, they can gain enough speed to leap their 30 ton, 45' bodies into the air, crashing down with a thunderous splash.
Spyhop, behavior happens when they want to see what going on above the water. 
We can't move the boat when they come close, so the best thing to do is enjoy their curosity.
Captain Ron Gittins
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Courting; Powerful displays of courtship can be seen on our Charters. Often they lunge aggressively at each other, attempting to win the affections of the female.