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Many of our guests are world travelers and have said:
“This is the BEST thing we have ever done!”
Our first concern is for the health of the dolphins and other marine life.    
We advise all guests of proper etiquette of being in the wildlife  environment so they are not stressed in any way.
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Coral Reef Snorkel & Dive of Kona
Manta Ray Snorkel & Dives - Dolphin Swims & Snorkeling - Whale Watching 
Kailua Kona - Big Island of Hawaii
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$175 per person, -4 hour tax,

Includes all equipment, lunch, fresh fruit,
 our famous brownies
Internet special  $155. for 3.5 hr tour-snacks included 
Swim with Dolphins
Hump-Back Whale Watching
Swim with Manta Rays!
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All year long the Ocean is full of life. We never know what we will see on a day of adventure.

Durning Winter months, Humpback Whales are here to give birth, mate & give us the best show ever of behavior that displays tremendous power  and intelligence.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins,  Bottle nose Dolphins  to name just a few of the Marine Life here year 
round. Not to mention the beautiful Coral Reef  to snorkel on with an abundance of tropical fish.

Aside from that, there are secluded beaches you can swim to from the boat and enjoy a fresh dip in a Queens bath or lie on your own beach.
We are ever-mindful of the well-being and best interests of our ceteacean friends.  We advise all our guests of a few guidelines for showing respect and protecting the environment of the dolphins:
  • Please never touch or chase a dolphin!  Swim alonside, above, or behind, but never directly toward them.  Chasing them away is no fun for anyone, and catching them is not humanly possible.
  • Swim with hands to your sides to avoid intimidating the dolphins.  Make like a dolphin and keep your flippers pointing to your tail.
Click on these photos to learn more about  whale watching, or night manta swims
Swimming with dolphins has been a lifelong dream for many.
These whales are safe to swim with even though they are called Whale shark
Swimming with dolphins can be a life-changing experience.
Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin
Pilot Whale
Dolphin Love Pod
Captain Ron Gittins
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