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Many of our guests are world travelers and have said:
“This is the BEST thing we have ever done!”
Our first concern is for the health of the mantas and other marine life.    
We advise all guests of proper etiquette of being in the wildlife  environment so they are not stressed in any way.
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Coral Reef Snorkel Adventures of Kona
Manta Ray Snorkel  - Dolphin Swims & Snorkeling - Whale Watching 
Kailua Kona - Big Island of Hawaii
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Regular Rate
$99 per person, plus tax, for snorkelers.
Swim with Dolphins
Hump-Back Whale Watching
Swim with Manta Rays!
This site is in 25' of water, a sandy cove where the Mantas gather most every evening to feed in the light beams of each person in the water. 

The high power underwater light attracts plantkon, which are the food source for Mantas. 

They get so close you can touch them but that isn't allowed. 

By all reports, this is one of the top 10 things to do in life.
The Manta Ray night snorkel is by far the best night ocean activity in the world. It's only here in Kona that you can go out to a few places and meet Manta Rays that have been conditioned for decades to come and feed in our lights.

We provide a floating Surf board with our powered lights that attract the plankton that our guests hold onto. This draws the Manta Rays to us and they do somersaults under us -- sometimes as many as 5 revolutions in a row!  Snorkeling affords the best view and closest proximity to these magnificent creatures!
Though it's a rare treat, mantas are also happy to swim with us in the daytime, and are sometimes a bonus on a dolphin swim.  Completely harmless, curious about us as we are about them, mantas love to swim with us in daylight or at night.  At night, of course, we bring the goodies, as our lights attract the plankton upon which they feed, so there is a better chance of them showing up for dinner than an afternoon romp.  Day or night, these wide-winged magnificent creatures of the sea are a treasure to behold.
Video by Martina Wing Dolphin Dreams Images
Sail into the sunset, around the bend, and into the adventure of a lifetime!
Click on these photos to learn more about dolphin swimswhale watching, or night manta swims
Captain Ron Gittins
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